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Best Aftersun Ending Explained ( NEW 2023 )


Aftersun Ending Explained

In October 2022, I watched Aftersun for the first time at the Chicago International Film Festival. I’ve been tormented by the movie ever since. The movie softly destroys you. The conclusion can convey much about the characters’ fates and the overwhelming burden of memories, sorrow, and mental health problems without shouting.

You can’t help but feel anything as you see one of the most meaningful movies of 2022. Let’s talk about the final somber sight that the Aftersun conclusion leaves you with.

Spoilers for “Aftersun” are forthcoming. Be careful as you go.

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According to the filmmaker, who attended this Toronto International Film Festival showing, Aftersun is a personal and touching portrayal of a father and daughter relationship that is partially based on actual people and her own life. Intentionally shaky and from Sophie’s perspective

How Does Aftersun End? 

It’s the last night of Sophie and Calum’s (Frankie Corio and Paul Mescal) trip to Turkey. They have some ice cream and dance to “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie, which is one of the best dance scenes in a movie from the year 2022.

Images of adult Sophie (Celia Rowlson-Hall) observing her dad dancing at a rave are shown in contrast to this moment. She screams for him, but he isn’t paying attention. Then, as the camera cuts between adult Sophie holding him so he cannot escape and young Sophie dancing and keeping her father close, she holds him.

Before Sophie becomes a child, he eventually manages to get away and separate himself from the adult Sophie.

The next time we see her, Calum is filming her as she boards a flight for Edinburgh so she can be with her mother and get back to her normal life. The scene then freezes on her as a young girl bidding her father farewell. The footage on Sophie the adult’s vacation home videos has been paused.

Calum stops the recording and exits in the final scene.

I was certain that Aftersun made Calum’s death after the trip crystal plain when I first viewed it in October. After seeing the movie again, I realized that my memory of the conclusion had been slightly skewed. The weight of his absence is so palpable that it feels as though the film is making a big statement about what will happen to him.

Without explicitly saying it, Aftersun informs you of all you need to know. It tells much less than it displays.

Not directly said, but strongly hinted, is that he kills himself not long after that journey. The fact that Sophie is remembering these experiences is one indication that this is the last time she will see her father.

Even if Calum doesn’t end his life by suicide, the way in which his life ends is devastating.

He might have perished as a result of some of his self-destructive conduct, or his mental health problems might have worsened to the point that he vanished and was never heard from again. Although his fate is unknown, this movie deals with grief and loss, at least in part. The devoted father from the holiday, Calum, is no longer there, whatever happened to him.

The Fear Of Aging In Aftersun 

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As they age, Calum and Sophie exhibit diametrically opposed reactions. Sophie aspires to mature. She views adulthood as a much more fascinating possibility than childhood like many children do.

Calum is worried about aging. We can presume that many people in their 30s naturally fear this. But because his life doesn’t seem to be turning out the way he wants, he seems much more tormented by it than most people his age. He struggles with money, hasn’t really found his calling in life, and seems to be plagued by regrets and unpleasant memories.

His sadness and life anxiety seem to be intertwined with his fear of getting older. At times, it even looks as though Calum would enjoy taking Sophie’s place and being able to start the situation over from scratch so he could have more time to get it right.

Even though we only get brief views of Sophie as an adult, she once appeared to be about Calum’s age. She has just become a parent. She might therefore be thinking, “Is this the life I desired at my age? ” Do I still have what my child needs right now?

Where To Watch Aftersun
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Aftersun Release Date

Aftersun was released on – 21 October 2022

Is Aftersun Sad?

The tension in Aftersun is built by gradually revealing more and more of Calum’s suffering until we witness him sobbing. It isn’t the saddest movie ever because much of the tone is bright, but it doesn’t hesitate to make its viewers feel depressed when it all ends.

Aftersun Synopsis
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Twenty years after their final trip to a dilapidated resort, Sophie remembers the precious time she had with her idealistic and loving father Calum. At age 11, when maturity begins to encroach on Sophie’s world, Calum struggles with life without being a father. As Sophie struggles to make sense of the father she knew and the father she didn’t, her memories take on a dramatic and heartbreaking depiction of their relationship.

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A24 and Mubi both released it in the United States on October 21, 2022, and November 18, 2022, respectively, in the United Kingdom. A Scottish girl named Sophie, age 11, and her father go on vacation to a Turkish resort on the day of her father’s 31st birthday in the historical drama Aftersun, which is set in the late 1990s.

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