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Andrew Tate Greta Thunberg Rivalry/Fight ( NEW 2023)

greta thunberg andrew tate

Andrew Tate Greta Thunberg Rivalry/Fight

Climate activist Greta Thunberg and notorious Andrew Tate got into a Twitter argument over car emissions.

greta thunberg andrew tate

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist, shut down Andrew Tate on Wednesday after he boasted about his cars’ high emissions and included Greta in a tweet. Tate is a notorious sexist. Greta Thunberg retorted that she was interested in learning more about them and that Andrew Tate could contact her by email at smalld***

On Twitter, people praised the response while criticizing the choice to let Andrew Tate use the service. Former kickboxer Andrew Tate’s vile and misogynistic remarks led to his removal from practically all social networking sites. Following Elon Musk’s takeover, he returned to Twitter in November.

When he posted on Tuesday, Andrew Tate ignited a commotion “Good day, Greta Thunberg I own 33 vehicles. I have a W16 8.0L quad-turbo Bugatti. My TWO Ferrari 812 competizione have 6.5L v12s. This is only the beginning. To send you a detailed breakdown of my entire car collection and their tremendous emissions, please enter your email address.”

Greta Thunberg reacted angrily to it on Wednesday. However, Andrew Tate continued to make divisive remarks in response to the widespread exposure on social media.
Andrew Tate said he was new to online controversies while posting a video in which he can be seen smoking. “Actually, I’m not furious at Greta. (I’d appreciate some pizza, and please don’t recycle the boxes.

I’m grateful. She believes she is doing well since she is unaware that she is being programmed and that metrics control her every move. Someone has persuaded her to sit down with you and ask you to implore your government to tax you into poverty so that the Sun won’t be as hot, ” he said.

“@GretaThunberg, I appreciate you confirming that you have a little penis via your email address. The world was enthralled. I do concur that you need to get a life “Tweeted he.

An American-British kickboxer named Andrew Tate received a Twitter suspension in 2017 for his divisive opinion on the Me Too movement, in which he claimed that “women should share some blame for being raped.” In 2016, videos of him using a belt to strike a lady appeared as well, and he was expelled from Big Brother.

Greta Thunberg Age

Greta Thunberg is 19 years Old

greta thunberg
Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg’s net worth

Greta Thunberg is thought to have a $1 million net worth.

Greta is a young climate activist who gained notoriety in 2019 for her remarks at the Global Climate Summit.

She is well known for criticizing Western politicians for doing little to stop the effects of climate change.

Experts note that while Greta is tough with Western leaders, Thunberg has not yet commented on China, the world’s largest polluter.

You’re not the only one who has looked for “Greta Thunberg net worth” to learn how a young campaigner may have such a high net worth.

greta thunberg
Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg’s Education

Greta completed her high school education but decided against continuing her education at a university.

She decided without attending college in favor of the chance to travel the world and motivate others to take action against climate change.

Is Andrew Tate Good?

In ISKA kickboxing, Andrew Tate has a 76-9 record and has won four titles in two weight classes. Tate, also known as Cobra, won the ISKA World Full-Contact Heavyweight title in 2011 to earn his first international title.

andrew tate
Andrew Tate

Why Is Andrew Tate So Popular?

Tate, 35, continues to gain popularity in large part because of his extreme statements, such as his comparison of women to property, his graphic description of how he would attack a woman for accusing him of infidelity, and his assertion that men prefer to date women in their mid-20s over those in their 18s and 19s because the latter has engaged in more intimate relations with men.

How Is Tate So Rich/Wealthy?

Webcam Studios are how Andrew Tate generates income.

Webcam Studio was Andrew Tate’s first significant commercial achievement. When Andrew Tate was 24 years old, he co-founded a webcam studio with his brother Tristan Tate, and by the time he was 27 he was turning a profit of over $500,000 per month!

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Does Tate Own Bugatti?

A $5.2 million Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport was most recently added to Andrew Tate’s collection of 28 supercars. With a top speed of more than 300 mph, the Bugatti Chiron is the world’s fastest and most potent supercar!

Who Is Andrew Tate And What Did He Do?

The webcam business was founded by Tate and his brother Tristan, who claimed to have generated millions of dollars by using up to 75 webcam models to sell “false sob tales” to male callers. Later, he acknowledged that the business plan was “a terrible hoax.”

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