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Matt Hancock – Top 3 Things To Know Why honest Matt Hancock said to his fellow I’m A Celebrity campers (2023)

Matt Hancock

Main Story About Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock

Campmates questioned the former health secretary once again about the events leading up to his resignation amid the Covid lockdown measures.

Hancock apologized for violating Covid restrictions, but he defended his performance as health secretary in general.

For entering the jungle while parliament was in session, the MP received criticism.

In June 2021, Matt Hancock was forced to resign from his position as health secretary when CCTV evidence showed him kissing an assistant while social distancing rules were in effect. Hancock had the Tory whip suspended after joining the ITV program.

When questioned about the relationship on Friday’s show,  Matt Hancock said he was spared punishment since he “didn’t breach any laws, guidance is different.”

But the issue was my direction, he said.

Matt Hancock‘s Explanation

Matt Hancock gave the following explanation when asked by TV host Scarlette Douglas why he disobeyed the rules he helped establish as a cabinet minister: “Because it was a mistake because I fell in love with somebody.”

Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock stated, speaking later in the Bush Telegraph room, “Many of the campmates raised questions that the public had as well, and it’s only respectful to just provide fully honest and accurate answers.”

The segment included the campmates telling the former health secretary about their own experiences with the lockdown.

He was informed by ITV News host Charlene White that “my aunt passed away from Covid in the first wave. As a result, we were unable to see her at the hospital. At her funeral, I was forced to sit by myself in the church.

We were following instructions, therefore we were unable to embrace. And while I understand that you fell in love, sorry for many families like mine doesn’t really give it justice.

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Yes,  Matt Hancock answered. So there you have it. One of the reasons I regret it so much is because of that.

Later, he disclosed to White: “What I’m genuinely searching for is a little bit of forgiveness, do you know what I’m really looking for? Everyone makes errors. I created a sizable one.”

The 44-year-old claimed that in contrast, he was “much, much more strong in [his] defense” of his more general behavior throughout the pandemic.

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Matt Hancock Being Interrogated

White questioned Hancock about PPE shortages and Covid outbreaks in nursing homes, which were brought on by the discharge of elderly patients with Covid from hospitals to their homes.

So, for example, PPE, Hancock explained, “I know, of course, I saw what happened to it, but that’s because we suddenly required masses more PPE and so did everyone else in the globe.

Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock

“And nursing homes… The decisions that were made had a justification, and in the end, the virus—not the people who were attempting to fix the issue—was to blame for the difficulties.”

Following an open conversation, some of the campmates seemed to have some sympathy for  Matt Hancock.

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Sue Cleaver, an actress, said: “We should end since I believe we have covered everything. Additionally, there are shades of grey in life, and we are all prone to making mistakes.”

Later, when talking about Hancock’s remarks, White said: “Well, it was definitely not what I was anticipating at all; you could have dropped me with a feather. Giving someone a hug when you notice they are becoming distressed is a very human response.”

“I wasn’t really anticipating that, but it did get really emotional,” Hancock remarked in the Bush Telegraph.

Chris Moyles, a radio host, was not quite persuaded, though. He has, in his words, “honestly, removed the mask a little bit off his chin, but I still think he’s not telling us the whole truth,” he remarked.

The most recent installment of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! additionally witnessed the MP participate alongside musician Boy George in the most recent Bushtucker trial.

 Matt Hancock’s third experiment thus far in the series took place at La Cucaracha Café, but it was his first that required him to consume an unpleasant food item, a staple of the program.

Matt Hancock encountered a fish-eye taco, the penis of a camel, the vagina of a sheep, the anus of a cow, cockroaches with blended cockroach dip, and blended mealworms, the texture of which he deemed “awful.”

Boy George said, “I’ve dreamed of this moment,” as Hancock ate the camel penis, which he described as “soft and chewy at the same time.”

Boy George, a vegetarian, consumed fermented duck eggs, fermented tofu, fermented plums, whole vomit fruits, and mixed seaweed.

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Each of them finished their dishes, earning the maximum number of stars possible of 11, which ensured that everyone in camp would have dinner that night.

Finally, Boy George said: “I wouldn’t eat at that establishment again. not at all.”

After traveling to the Australian jungle to participate in the series, Hancock, the MP for West Suffolk, received criticism from his constituents and colleagues across the political spectrum.

After his role was made public, he lost his position as a Tory MP. While appearing on the show, he stated that he aims to increase awareness of his dyslexia campaign.


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