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3 Reasons Why Fiancée defends Embarrassed Olly Murs over “misogynistic” lyrics: ‘It’s just a bit of fun’

Olly Murs

Olly Murs – Start of the Story

The artist Olly has been backed by his fiancée amid the debate over the song’s lyrics.

Olly Murs
Olly Murs

Amelia Tank dismissed claims that he was ‘controlling’ after the Friday release of his new track, “I Hate You When You’re Drunk,” by saying that it was all “just a bit of fun.”

Some listeners criticised the lyrics of “I Hate You When You’re Drunk” when it was released on Friday (25 November), calling them “cruel,” “disgusting,” and “misogynistic.”

Murs co-wrote the peppy pop song, in which the vocalist criticizes a loved one for imbibing on a night out. The lyrics of the song, according to Murs, can be applied to a family member, friend, or romantic love interest.

Olly Murs’s Song Story

The peppy song, which will be on his next album Marry Me, received online criticism for its lyrics, which some fans deemed to be “cruel” and “misogynistic.”

The 38-year-old singer is heard in the song berating a loved one for being a little tipsy on a night out.

Oh, you’re slurring all your words, there’s makeup on my shirt, and you’re dancing on the tables. Can’t you see that you look like a mess while singing Whitney? he sings at the beginning.

When hearing a story for the fourth or fifth time, he states that his “ears are bleeding” in another place and sings the lyrics, “Oh, I hate you, hate you, I hate you, hate you when you’re drunk.”

Critics expressed their opinions on Twitter, with DJ Shaun Keavney, a fellow professional in the music industry, taking exception.

On Twitter, he stated: “According to the lyrics of his new song, “I Hate You When You’re Drunk,” Olly Murs is quite the depressing, domineering partner.

I eagerly anticipate hearing her response song, “I Hate You When You Sing.”

Imagine releasing a song like that and being proud of the message, he continued. It’s completely crazy.

On Monday, though, Amelia addressed the matter in her Instagram stories.

According to NME, she wrote in response to Keaveny directly, “Many thanks for your concern here, but I can confirm that I in fact enjoy my NON controlling FIANCE even more when he sings and this current track is really one of my favourites from the record.”

I wouldn’t worry about it since I’m definitely not #itsjustabitoffun, she continued.

After that, the bodybuilder concluded, “Much love and have a fantastic evening.”

Self Esteem singer Rebecca Taylor also posted a screenshot of the lyrics with the simple caption, “Presented without remark,” while others referred to it as offensive, shocking, and misogynistic.

Olly Murs
Olly Murs

Olly shared a video of his fan interactions on Twitter on Monday night as he autographed vinyl covers for his new album, appearing to disregard the criticism.

When You Dance with Me The Tonight Singer did defend it prior to the uproar, calling it “light-hearted,” but has yet to respond to the criticism.

Before the criticism, Olly defended the song, saying, “I felt it was a fun song to compose as there have been so many situations where a friend, family member, or loved one has had one too many.”

In June 2022, Tank and Murs made their engagement public.

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Olly Murs’s Song Lyrics

The lyrics in “I Hate You When You’re Drunk” begin: “Oh, you’re slurrin’ all your words, there’s make-up on my shirt / You’re dancin’ on the tables, can’t you see / That you look like a mess and you’re singin’ Whitney?”

In the second verse, he sings: “Oh, you got them drunken eyes, should we call it a night? /

‘Cause you’ve been tellin’ stories four-five times / Yeah, I’ve heard it before and my ears are bleedin’.”

Murs then sings, “Oh, I hate you, hate you, I hate you, hate you when you’re drunk,” several times.

Another line from the song goes, “Because you wanna buy champagne / And you wanna throw the shots back / And now you’re takin’ photographs / Why am I the only one that don’t laugh?”

Murs, who asks his loved one to “quit acting like a fool” then reassures them that he will “love you all the same” as “I’ll pick you up when you do it all again”.

Olly Murs
Olly Murs

The Singer chose not to respond to the criticism.

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